Welcome to the Annual Sunset Elementary Talent Show!

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You've almost made it!  You are minutes away from registering for the Annual Sunset Elementary Talent Show.    What should you know before signing up? 

The first 35 Acts registered will be chosen!

Rehearsals:  5th & 8th of February 2018  6:30-8pm.  
Attendance:  1 rehearsal day is mandatory.  Attending both rehearsals days is highly recommended!
(*Students may leave after their performance. Act slots will be allocated).

Talent Show
:   9th of February 2018 from 6:30-8pm.   
Check-in for performers:  6pm
Doors open:  6:15 pm
Curtains: 6:30pm

Act length:  max. 1 min 20 seconds
Set-up Time:  max. 1 min. 

Registration forms are due by the 26th of January 2018

If you require any further information please feel free to contact Natascha:  
nrenout@hotmail.com or 425-241-3616

Want to perform, but not sure what you want to do yet?  
Not a problem!   Fill out this form to reserve your spot!  You have until the 29th of January to let us know about your final Act details.    

Ready to sign up for the most amazing Talent Show of the year?

What's your name?

Which grade are you in? *

Main parental contact (Name, Telephone, and Email address):

Name of your Act (will appear like this in the program)

Tell us a little about your talent, presentation, and what equipment you will bring/need:

Estimated performance length (max. 1min 20sec):

Number of people in Act:

Group Member Names/Grades/email address:

Volunteers:  This amazing event would not be possible without the help of a great team of volunteers!   Any help is highly welcome!  Interested in joining our team of volunteers?   

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